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Bowmore 12 year old

Bowmore, the oldest distillery on Islay. An institution. Also one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. They have played a huge role in the whisky industry and one that not many people give credit to. They may not have the best marketing strategy but Suntory, the Japanese alcohol giant saw Bowmore’s true value when it acquired it in the mid 1990’s.

Bowmore 12

The Bowmore 12 is, in my opinion a great whisky. It’s part of their core range that is a staple for most. I have been guilty of forgetting to re-stock my bar with it when it’s finished but when I remember, I do. Friends have told me that it is reminiscent of their whisky in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m glad that I can enjoy it. It’s medium peated whisky is a decent dram if you’re not in the mood for something a little heavier.

On the Nose, this whisky is really complex. Strong smoke, damp ash and iodine wrap up the peatiness is potent. A second nose reveals a beautiful waft of citrus juice and lemon zest. This parts for  hints herbal tea and strong floral notes leaning towards heather. On the Palate, a thick and rich heather honey confirms what’s on the nose. It’s oily and full bodied. The taste of rose petals, vanilla, peat and ash all marry together to give you a weird but satisfying sensory experience. The Finish is long and spicy. It lingers and leaves you with thoughts of warm summer evenings sat on a lawn and watching the sun go down.


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