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Glen Garioch 1997 Vintage

Glen Garioch 1997 Vintage

I must apologize. I have tried to write this particular review for the past 2 weeks and I have no idea why I have been procrastinating. I had the tasting notes that I wrote when I originally had the pleasure of enjoying this whisky, I just couldn’t bring myself to write it without finding it so I could have another taste. Well, I managed and I’m still incredibly impressed.


Pronounced Glen Geery, the distillery was shut down for two years. Previous to its closing, the distillery would produce predominantly smokey whiskies. When the distillery reopened in 1997, the new master distiller flipped the production on its head.

Glen Garioch 1997 Vintage is matured in a mix of first and second fill bourbon casks, the flavors and aromas that come from this whisky are luscious.

Bottles at cask strength (56.7%), this whisky isn’t as strong as I thought it would be. The Nose is big and woody. All that is brushed aside with ease though with an abundance of rich tropical fruit, ripe bananas, kiwi and juicy pears. A little spice comes through on the end which gets the mouth salivating.  On the Palate it’s even more interesting. A lot of what was on the nose is on the palate. All that rich tropical fruit, spiced pear cobblers covered in cream. This whisky has so much body that it’s almost chewable. So creamy. That banana is ever so strong too and it all works so well with the big oak. The Finish is the kicker though. All those beautiful flavors are still lingering as the spiciness kicks in. It’s gentle but intensifies like biting a peppercorn but stops before becoming overpowering. This is helped but the sweet notes of toffee that help to mellow the finish but not take away from its length.

Finding another bottle of this is on my christmas list for sure.


By: The Whisky Snob

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