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Hibiki 17 year old Whisky

As you all know, I’m way behind in writing these reviews. What is good about it is that I have the time to go back and retry and enjoy the drams over and over again before I write about them. Sometimes I try something that I have no idea about or have never had the pleasure of drinking before and other times I have a whisky that I could tell you about in my sleep. The beautiful thing about both experiences is enjoying them to their fullest. This Hibiki 17 was definitely enjoyed to its fullest. It’s a blended malt and grain whisky from Suntory. Blending whiskies from Yamaziki, Hakushu and Hibiki, they crafted this beautiful whisky which I could enjoy morning, noon and night.


On the Nose, it’s sweet and fragrant. Sweet tones of honey, cooked apples and pairs are beautifully bunched with floral notes of Lilly and jasmine. You can’t help but keep your nose in the glass to take every last whiff of aroma. On the Palate, even more pleasure. Sweetness of toffee and vanilla are pushed aside by sweet citrus and lime rind. The distinctive mizunara oak’s sandalwood hangs back just enough to give you a little taste. The finish is warm but not as long as you would expect to want it to be. It’s sweet candied peels are mixed with a little dusting of bitter cacao nibs.

A beautiful whisky to say the least. A little pricey when you purchase it in a bar but well worth it. If you find a bottle in a store, buy it and open it the moment you get home. It really is an amazing whisky.


By: The Whisky Snob

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