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Ichiro’s Malt, Chichibu Port Pipe

Ichiro’s Malt

It’s no secret that I have grown to love Japanese Whiskies and part of that reason is thanks to Ichiro Akuto. Just as my faith in Japanese whiskies were being restored, I tasted the Mizunara Wood Reserve from Ichiro’s malt and that just cemented my love affair with them. This Port Pipe expression is no different. I featured it in my very first tasting event and I always have a couple bottles on hand for when I want to surprise the shit out of my taste buds. Aged only for four years, this 51.4% ABV whisky is almost bright pink in colour and people always ask me what it is when they come over to the house.


On the nose it’s big and sweet. That richness from the port is the first thing to punch you in the face. Next up is rich rose water, Turkish delight and honey. The Palate is a follow through, with all the aromas realising into flavours. Again, it’s the sweet port that hits you first however, this time it’s followed up by a rich intense spiciness. The ripe fruits and rose water are back again too leading into a big and beautiful finish that keeps the intensity of the red peppercorns all the way to the end.

A delightful whisky. You can see more of you wish in my video review.


By: The Whisky Snob

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