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Longrow 14

Another amazing whisky from Campbeltown Distillery, Longrow has been fantastically crafting whiskies over the years, which is why it was a bit of a disappointment when I heard that they were discontinuing their Longrow 14 Year old Bottling. Of course, my natural reaction to any news of any discontinued whisky is to go out and buy as many of them as I can because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

I managed to pick this one up and glad that I did. Over the years, originally through the Springbank and then Hazelburn labels, I became an avid fan of the Campbeltown Distillery and the weird and wonderful things they did. I like the story of how things are done the same way they were 100 years ago and the owner of the distillery is a little eccentric to say the least. That in its self is a reason to love them. Couple that with the amazing whisky they make, it’s a fan boy’s match made in heaven.

I don’t know why they discontinued this whisky to be honest. It’s a little light but it’s actually pretty good.

Longrow 14

On the Nose, a light, earthen peat smoke tickles your nostrils before making way for gut grass, dried hay, ocean spray and brine. A hint of sliced pastrami appears from nowhere to put you on the back foot before taking you back for more oats & cereals. On the Palate, more of the same. This time the peat is a little stronger and iodine is present. The taste of barley and a mildly sweet citrus opens up the dram slightly and makes it more enjoyable. Things warm up in the Finish. Red peppercorns and smoked cold cuts.

I would tell you to go and buy a bottle but I’m not sure you’d find one. To be fair, it’s a decent whisky. It’s not fantastic. You can get much better for the price and to suit your palate if this is not your thing. I enjoy it from time to time. It’s not a dram that I think of at 11am to enjoy when I get home later in the day.

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