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Longrow Red 11 Year Old Port Cask


Longrow is one of three whiskies produced by the Springbank distillery on Campbeltown. Moderately peatier than Hazelburn and Springbank, it’s been a whisky that I’ve always been fan of. When I had the chance to have this whisky, I was more than excited to say the least. I have to admit that there were 8 or 9 other whiskies that were being enjoyed that evening but it didn’t stop this great whisky standing out. Matured in port pipes, it has a reddish pink hue and if you had no idea about whisky and the different finishes, you would think that someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes.


On the Nose this beauty is so rich and fruity. The first thing that comes to mind is summer fruit compote. A further investigatory sniff reveals a more complex structure. A little sandalwood, aromatic spice and fresh tobacco perks up the nostrils before you get that briny scent that I consider a trademark of Longrow whiskies. On the Palate the progressing peat is married beautifully with the sweetness of sultanas, crispy red apples and rich port. All of this is held together beautifully with oak which pushes through the beautiful spiciness that becomes more and more prominent as you reach the Finish. This is where it’s evident that the summer berries that were on the nose are back and hold with the peat and oak to linger for quite some time and put a huge smile on your face.


By: The Whisky Snob

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