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The Macallan 18 year old

A Macallan Man. I perceived myself as a Macallan Man for many a year, and to some extent, I still am. When people find out you are a whisky enthusiast, their first question is usually “So what’s your favorite whisky?”. I generally want to slap them after they finish their question but I choose not to. With great restraint. I would always say that I don’t have a favorite but I like certain brands and the way they make their whisky. Macallan is one of them. Growing up, my father had quite a few Macallan’s in the house. I remember taking sips of my father’s whisky and trying to understand what it was that he enjoyed so much about this strong and pungent liquid. Through its focus on quality and its fantastically marketed product, The Macallan has been placed in high regard and is associated with luxury.

I love the Macallan 18. Just because it’s got Fine Oak on the bottle, people have a misconception that it’s matured only in Bourbon casks. On the contrary. This expression is matured in 3 different casks. European and American Sherry treated casks and American bourbon casks. This process, in my opinion, makes for an amazing whisky.

On the Nose, that Macallan speyside signature floral and citrus notes are married with oak and sherry. On the Palate, this whisky is full of flavor. It’s full bodied and oily. The sweet, honeyed liquid is made interesting with the taste of oak, spice, char from the bourbon barrels and nuttiness is made even more complex by stabs of dryness from the sherry treated casks. The whisky is so smooth, the transition to the Finish is seamless. It’s not overly long but it is warm from a peppery spice but its creaminess makes dulls it to a beautiful tone.

Very enjoyable and great to share. If you have someone who has begun their whisky journey and is appreciating whisky, the 18 is a great expression to get into a discussion with.

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